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The assessment process we offer here, is clinically rigorous which could seem like an in-person doctor visit. They ask you questions that would help our experts in gaining an insight for your condition. Our large network of collaborators and manufacturers will help you obtain various prescription medicines at highly affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no rocket-science behind applying for a refill. However, you can pick up certain outlined plans that could meet your comfort. Either make a call at our helpline number from 9
AM to 7:30 PM and apply for a refill. Our support team will receive your call during the business hours and will further ask for your personal details such as your name, address, contact details, and your existing prescription. Or if you apply for a refill during off-hours, then you may get the option of dropping a request through electronic media such as messages and mail.

However, make sure to create an account on our website with three easy steps for a hassle-free order placement.

Yes, you must have a legal prescription to place an order and ask for a refill. In case, you don’t have a prescription with you, or if you have lost it then you can apply for an online prescription. The doctor at our website may ask you some questions before allotting any online prescription. However, there are certain terms and conditions before you apply for a prescription medication.

There are only two significant factors when we contact you:
Firstly, PayPal payment
Secondly, if your order status is pending

Make sure to not disclose any sort of confidential data with anyone until it gets confirmed. Note that these days the scam rates are at its peak. Thus, be mindful when you disclose your information with any third party.

Once you are through with the payment procedure, you will get a link in your mailbox about your order. Through that link, you can easily check the status of your placed order. In case your order gets delayed, you will be notified via email. The reasons behind the usual delay could be false information or any sort of fake contact details.

The initial step requires you to create an account on our website healthrxtoday to access all the enlisted information and services.
Next step is to browse our online pharmacy, either by searching for your prescription medicine or by just browsing through our categories.
Add the items you require to your ‘cart’ and then click on the icon available on the screen with the ‘next’ option.
Now, the payment page will appear on the screen, and you just have to add the basic details of your bank.
After completing all the procedures, you will be able to make your payment via credit card, or debit or other payment modes.
Finally, you will get a confirmation mail at your given mail address about order confirmation.

There are many advantages of ordering prescription medicine via healthrxtoday, such as:
Place your order from anywhere, anytime with an ease of access.
Get a good riddance of waiting in the queue of a pharmacy.
Save your precious time and hard-earned money.
Utilise our coupons for some additional savings
We provide you with the right information about your dosing schedule.
The golden opportunity to receive your products overnight
100% appropriate and accurate information about drugs.
Supervision of our well-skilled doctors
Easy to apply for our online prescription, with our survey with just one click away.

We are very much into your reach via the phone number or email we have provided on our website. Our support and assistance is 24*7 available for you. Once you report your issue or query to us, our team will try their best to resolve and fix it right away. However, if the reported issue is beyond our reach or control, then it may take some more time. We will surely update you with all the details once the problem gets fixed.

Although, most of the drugs are advised to be stored at room temperature, the general indicated ways are provided on each drug. However, some of the medication, such as its oral concentrate might require refrigerator storage. Thus, make sure to go through all the precautions and general precautions that are available with medications before using them.

Medications that are directly exposed by the heat and sunlight should be avoided. Direct exposure may change the efficacy of the drugs. However, make sure to keep all the medications away from children, pets, and addicted people. Since consumption of any sort of prescription medication without any prescription can lead to harmful outcomes.

You are free to choose any payment mode for making your payment. We generally accept payment via credit card, debit card, PayPal, Western Union, and many more. In case you encounter any sort of glitch while making your payment, you can easily contact our support via email and phone number that is provided on our homepage.

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