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Methadone: life without addiction and pain

Are you going through moderate to severe pain? The doctor may allow you to buy Methadone online as this medicine is medically used to reduce the sensation of pain. This medicine was designed to cure the pain. But nowadays it also helps in the treatment of addiction to heroin and narcotic painkillers. 

The severity of pain depends on the underlying issue that is causing the pain. The doctor first sees the cause of the issue then prescribes you to take this medicine. 

Some of the condition that can cause moderate to severe pain:

  • Injury 
  • Medical procedure 
  • Diseases 
  • Years of poor posture
  • Nerve damage 
  • Fracture pain
  • Sleeping on poor mattresses

These are some of the common reasons that can create moderate to severe pain in people. However Methadone can only help you to reduce the sensation of pain. And it functions more as a temporary fix. If you need to get rid of the pain completely then make sure to get a treatment of the issue that is causing pain. 

What is Methadone?

Methadone is an opioid medication that helps people in reducing the sensation of pain. It is strong medicine and only used for moderate to severe pain. Or when the other pain killing medicines stopped working. 

Methadone works in the brain and blocks the opioid receptors present in the medicine. Opioid receptors are responsible for carrying pain signals to the brain. The changes in the path of pain signals helps to reduce the sensation of pain in the user. 

Methadone also helps in reducing the withdrawal symptoms of other opioid addiction. It provides similar high levels such as codeine, hydrocodone, heroin, morphine etc. which helps to reduce the cravings and withdrawal symptoms of the drug. However it is just part of the treatment and it cannot cure addiction on its own.

As this medicine is a narcotic. It belongs to the schedule II class of medicine. Which means that this medicine can create habit formation and physical dependence on the user. Therefore you can only buy Methadone online if you have a valid prescription for the medicine. 

Directions to take Methadone properly

Methadone is a prescription medicine and you need to use this medicine as prescribed by the doctor. Because this medicine can create several unwanted effects on the user. Therefore it is important for you to follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • This is an oral medication therefore you need to take this medicine by mouth. There should be an interval of 8 to 12 hours between the dosage of the medicine.
  • Do not crush or chew the tablet as it can change the effects of the medicine. It also increases the chances of severe side effects and overdose.
  • Read the medical leaflet provided by your pharmacist carefully. There is important information in the leaflet that will help you to take methadone properly.
  • If you are taking Methadone in a special treatment program. Then the dosage will be decided by your doctor based on your medical condition. 
  • You should not abruptly stop using this medicine because it can cause withdrawal symptoms. It can be dangerous and even cause death if not used properly.
  • Store methadone in place away from the sunlight, direct heat and moisture. Because it can contaminate the medicine. And taking contaminated medicine can cause life threatening risks.
  • If your treatment is over, make sure to dispose of the remaining medicine in a proper way. You can ask your pharmacist or doctor about the proper way to dispose of it.

These are some of the common instructions that you need to follow while using methadone. It will help you to have a safe treatment and find the desired results of the medicine. If you ignore these instructions the risk of side effects increase significantly.

Adverse effects of using Methadone

Methadone is a prescription medicine and there are several unwanted effects that this medicine can create. These effects are divided in categories based on the severity of the symptoms. 

Mild side effects 

These side effects are some of the common symptoms of using this medicine. These side effects occur when your body does not accept the changes done by the medicine. Side effects are not dangerous and generally goes away within some day.

  • Constipation 
  • Sleep changes 
  • Headache
  • Stomach pain 
  • Mood changes 
  • Vision problems 
  • Restlessness
  • Slow breathing 
  • Itchy skin 

These are some of the common symptoms of using methadone. These effects are not dangerous. However you need to inform your doctor if any of these effects persist or get worse overtime.

Severe side effects

These are some of the uncommon but dangerous effects of using Methadone. Make sure to contact your doctor if you see any of the side effects mentioned below.

  • Hives or rash 
  • Fainting 
  • Trouble breathing 
  • Seizures 
  • Chest pain 
  • Swollen tongue, lips, throat, and lips
  • Seizures 
  • Hallucinations. 

These are some of the severe side effects of methadone. Make sure that you get medical help immediately if you see any of the severe symptoms of methadone. However the mentioned above list is not complete and there are several other side effects of the medicine. 

Therefore only buy Methadone online if you are using this medicine under medical supervision. 


To conclude, Methadone is a potent medicine and it can help you to get rid of moderate to severe pain. This medicine is also used by the doctor to help people suffering from opioid addiction and withdrawal symptoms. If you are using this medicine make sure to follow the instructions by the doctor. Because it is known to create adverse effects on the user. 

The doctor only prescribes you to buy Methadone online when the benefits are greater than the risk of the medicine.